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Diffraction LTD Facility in Waitsfield, Vermont

Diffraction LTD operates from a 12,000 square foot facility in Waitsfield, VT. Engineering, research and development, testing, and manufacturing assets are all housed in this facility. Engineering tools include a computer network suitable for intensive design and analysis activities such as computer aided design, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, ray tracing, and physical optics modeling. Electrical and optical laboratories support leading edge electro-optic product development with capabilities such as precision optical alignment, MTF testing, spectral analysis, and analog and digital circuit design. In-house manufacturing capabilities include printed circuit board manufacturing, electro-optical assembly, CNC machining, and environmental testing. A local U.S. Army training center is used for outdoor optical system testing and live fire testing. Diffraction LTD's facility is focused on rapid prototyping and low rate initial production of high value electro-optical devices and systems.